Playhippo – Values the players, compliments with lots of freespins

To begin with, we feel no doubt PlayHippo are among the very best casino offers as humanly possible to find right now! As a customer of them you get the bets offers for free spins and really competitive casino bonuses!

Let us give an example of what PlayHippo usually offer us as customers of them. At least once a week, we usually get the opportunity to make a deposit to get free spins on different NetEnt slots. It is often news which makes it a little extra fun to play. What is so special with these free spins you think. Free Spins when you make a deposit offers the virtually all casinos nowadays. Yes that’s right absolutely. What makes PlayHippo so superior in terms of these offers is the number of free spins you get. Often you can get up to 500 free spins (sometimes with a fairly high bet value) if you make a deposit of 100 euros! You can usually choose to deposit a smaller amunt and then of course get a little less spins but it is always incredibly good value in these promotions! When other casinos can actually be a bit greedy if one may use that word when it comes to the number of free spins you get so PlayHippo casino has chosen a completely different way! Here you give the customer an incredible value when you make a deposit which we think is really fun and a fantastic way to treat their players! We really want to praise PlayHippo and hope that others will follow in their footsteps!

PlayHippo usually also award free spins no deposit for those players who have made a deposit the week before! This actually gives you a chance to even completely free win money. It’s not always one is eager to bring in more money (especially if you might have lost the last time you played). Then you get these free spins to play as a little plaster on the wound. We would actually say that we ourselves several times has won in these free spins and got a really good rate of return when wagering on them have been translated! We would recommend you to register an account with PlayHippo at once if you do not have one! Sign up via the link below, and you also get a really nice welcome bonus of PlayHippo!