KingPlayer – Great casino bonuses

King Player is a page that is primarily focused on the German market, but the page is also available in an English version and all players are welcome! Most countrys have access to all offers, such as the nice welcome bonus!

 At first we want to say is … KingPlayers page is incredibly good! Actually, we need well not explain it much more than that, but we do it anyway :). We have been fans of the King’s Players for several years now and we think it’s a pity that it might not have had the impact it actually deserves. One reason might be that the focus of the gaming company has been on the German market, but since all players are welcome and can enjoy all promotions so there is no reason to let the Germans have it for themselves!

 King Player focuses on three things and these are casino, sports betting and live casino. All this you can play both on the PC / Mac or your mobile phone (Android or iPhone) and tablet (iPad or Android-based). King Players have a mobile casino that stands out from the crowd. We have used this for many years and think it’s one of the best mobile casinos on the market!

 King Player has plenty of great casino promotions. Partly to get the course a juicy welcome bonus when you make your first deposit but after that there’s more to find. We also want to highlight King Players excellent loyalty program where you earn points every time you play, and these points give there money back. Join thousands of Germans and discover Kingplayer you too!