Istanbul Casino – Mobile casino heaven

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Mobile casino games via a mobile phone or tablet is constantly growing every passing day and it feels as if this way to play casino online will soon take over completely. If this becomes the case, of course, only the future will tell, but the fact is that mobile services for casino online are becoming better and better and more popular. Online casinos are also increasingly investing in its mobile platforms and Istanbul Casino is an excellent example of such a casino. Istanbul Casino’s mobile site is actually an engineering marvel and we have followed the development of this mobile platform for a long time. We dare say that this mobile casino is now one of the best on the market!

What is it that makes Istanbul mobile casino so good then? To say it short you can say that it is the simplicity and clarity combined with a mobile page that run amazingly fine and has all the features you could want from an online mobile casino in 2016. This is a few reasons that makes this mobile casino so good and in addition to this, there are many amazing fun mobile casino gaming in mobile touch version (such as NetEnt games).

Right now you get the chance to test this excellent mobile casino with a slot of money! You get a casino bonus on your first deposit that is doubled up to an unlimited amount! If you like to play with big amounts this is a perfect bonus for you! Good luck and we hope you drag home a hefty big win when you play mobile casino on the way home on the bus ;).