Guts – Lot´s of free spins and great casino offers

Guts is one of the casinos, you must be a member of. To make a long explanation about this amazing casino as short as possible so we can say this. Guts casino is one of the top 10 best online casinos right now. Undoubtedly! At Guts you get really great deals every week!! You may, for example, on Thursdays chance to get free spins throughout the weekend by making a deposit in a small amount and wager your depsit only once. Then you get free spins that have no wagering requirement during Friday, Saturday and Sunday! What is it that makes free spins without wagering requirements so good?

When you usually get free rounds or free spins as they are also commonly called thoseare tied to a specific wagering requirement. This is usually around 35 times. This means that for example if you win 100 euros on your free spins, you have to play for 3500  euros on video slot machines to withdraw money. As you can imagine, it’s not always easy to implement such a turnover requirements you will often lose money before you have had time to clear the turnover. Sometimes of course you will win even more than the original 100 euros and you can end up making a withdrawal of much more than that. However, this is very difficult and it’s not often you are lucky enough to get to do this (although it definitely happens occasionally). When you get to turnover free spins, it is thus not bound to any rollover requirement at all but just for you to withdraw directly if you wish. You can also do some spins and with a little luck to win up even a little more profit.

Guts casino is one of the biggest and best in the casino market right now. There are many reasons why you should have an account with Guts, but we simply think you should check out their awesome site itself. Sign up via the link down here and take advantage of their great welcome offer!