Caribic casino – A live casino paradise

Caribic Casino is a relatively young casino but it has quickly managed to become a favorite for many players. One of the reasons for this is that it has one of the best live casinos right now! What is Live Casino then?

Live casino is simply true casino online. Through a camera link to get the opportunity to play with a real croupier or dealer who deals the cards and spin the reels (just like in a regular casino). The most popular games are probably the roulette and blackjack as you probably already know, but there are also many other fun games shapes. Live casino is a really fun addition to the usual selection of an online casino and it can actually be nice to get some authentic casino feel at home on the couch. It usually also be possible to chat with the dealers and fellow players if you would like to but it is of course optional. Live casinos tend to be very popular, which means that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get seats around the tables but when you have your place you can keep it as long as you want.
Caribic casino has thus live casino in the top class, but of course it has much more than that. You play all your favourite slots and jackpot games and various scratch cards and other goodies. All in a beautiful tropical environment that we think is perfect for a nice casino feel. We strongly recommend warm that you set up an account at Caribic Casino to test the feeling you too! When you sign up as a customer with them today you get an exclusive casino bonus offer.