Buck & Butler – An own casino servant

Buck & Butler wants to give us players a luxurious gaming experience. Therefore, they have worked hard to set up a page that also gives this feeling. Have Buck & Butler then succeeded? According to us, it has atleast come pretty close. We think that the page has a very stylish approach and is easy to use. The page is white and black, and such tend of course to be timeless. It’s really easy to register an account and to use wich actually makes it quite pleasant.

 Buck & Butler has a fantastic good mobile casino which makes it easy to play on your mobile phone or tablet. Most of the games are also available on the mobile version, which means that it will soon be no reasons left not to use your tablet for playing video slots and other casino games. We would highly recommend you to try to play casino in your iPad or Android-based tablet if you have not already done so. We think this is a fantastic complement and give a really fun game experience! Often the games are actually better in the so-called “Touch” version. What we would hope is that the whole game selections were made as a mobile game but we suspect that this is happening.

 Buck & Butler has a variety of bonuses and promotions that they offer their players. This mainly of lucrative deposit bonuses and reload bonuses plus free spins and other treats. Something that we think sounds exciting is that Buck & Butler will have its own slot machine developed by them and where you will be able to win trips, electronics and luxury goods. It will also be offered various scratch cards where you will be able to win great prizes. Do not miss to check this out and register an account directly from Buck & Butler!