Win big with Superman and Batman!

Like superheroes and video slots? If the answer is yes then there is a new video slot game from NextGen game manufacturer that you definitely have to take a look at. We at Casinogodis has tested the machine and is mightily impressed indeed! We think this is the best game release from NextGen so far and we are confident that this slot will be very popular.

For starters, the graphics are incredibly stylish and it shows that there is money and expertise behind the development of this slot. It is simply incredibly well made and enjoyable to watch. And if you love slots we do you know how very important factor that is. The symbols in the slot machine is (of course) super heroes from the classic Justice League with Superman and Batman in front (it is also these two symbols that provide the greatest big wins). The other symbols are Green Lantern, the Flash, Batman Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter.

In addition to the  top class graphics the game engine is really fun and you don’t get tired of playing this machine. It can be a little difficult to activate the free spins bonus from time to time but it can also give really nice winnings so it may be worth waiting for a bit :). How does the game work? Well it comes to getting up an entire row of a symbol on reel one with a piece of the same symbol on reel two and three. Thus a payline with any symbol (one of the super heroes) on the first three reels. This is not very difficult, and when you manage the game locks these symbols. You also automatically on the last roll (the fifth is) get a the current symbol locke and then you get respins as long as the same symbols appear in the places you have not yet filled up with the symbol. Really funny and must be seen (and played)!

During the free spins bonus, the same principle applies, but the difference is that if you lock the symbols and get a win, your winnings can be multiplied up to 10x the money!  If you fill up the entire board and get a high multiplier (preferably with Superman or Batman then of course) you can expect an awsome big win. The free Spins feature also means that every time you get a Wild symbol l a meter will fil up and you can collect so called Superhero Spins that appears after  the usual free spin feature. This Super Hero spins feature allows you to much easier get a fix on a superhero. You obviously want to have many such spins when it really is much easier to get a nice profit with these spins.

This game if really great fun and must be played soon! Good luck!