How much is left of the online casino boom?

Well this is a question that often ask ourselves. The last 3-4 years we have seen an incredible growth of online casinos and various services such as the development of mobile services and different casino games. We think it is important and quite fun to sometime give some thought to where we are now and where we might be heading. 

According to our estimates, there has been at least around two new online casino opening every week for the past few years. We must add though that we mostly keep track of casinos that use the NetEnts gaming platform. There is of course alot of casinos that do not, and if we include these also there might have been an increase of up to 5 new casinos weekly. But if we stick to “NetEnt casinos” (which, of course, also often provides other gaming providers in addition to NetEnt) it has thus been added about 400 casinos in 4 years. And the rate has increased rather than decreased the last two years.

What does this mean? Well we should start by saying that we have seen very few casinos that ceases activity, which seems to indicate that, despite the fierce competition it still seems possible to make casino business online profitable. We at Casinogodis believe nonetheless that a clear structure from the beginning and a very good site with modern features is much needed to make it work in the long run. The casinos that we seen disappear often have had deficiencies regarding mainly the layout and ease of use that. Casino players of today do not accept this. Why play at a tough to navigate site with dull layout when there is plenty of other sites that have a lavish and really good set-up? Nah, it is no longer to just throw up a page at random, raising capital and gaming licenses and hope to make it big. This means that gaming companies are forced to develop services cruel to us players, which we obviously deserve! It’s actually on us players casinos make a living.

Furthermore, one can say that although it currently does not look like the number of casinos will decrease we at CCasinogodis has difficulties to see that the industry can continue to grow at the rate it has so far. Already by this time the market will be fairly saturated and as you probably know there is a fair number of really good casinos out there. The only reason it will continue to pop up new casinos as we see it that is that players eventually after playing in a casino for a while want something new and exciting. For example, we have seen that the casinos with special approaches have become increasingly popular, such as Kaboo that feels like a mix between a computer game and casino and Casino Heroes which also have an arrangement where you meet different bosses and get ahead in their casino adventures. Whatever is next for the online casino business, it will continue to happen a lot in this industry and we will follow this with excitement.