Casinogodis FAQ

For a little while ago, we announced that we wanted to have the questions from our visitors. Now it’s been a while and we have managed to compile some of the questions you wanted answers to. If there is anything else you wonder about so just contact us and we’ll add these questions here.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (last updated December 5)

How did you start with Casino Candy?

We have always been interested in gambling in all its forms! It started when we were smaller, with everything from Monopoly to Backgammon game to horses and classic Lången to eventually be more about the casino (both land based and online), sports betting and poker. When online casino games began to take off in the early 2000s, we were actually with almost immediately from the start. Casinos and slots online was very different in those days and it was such as had to download software in order to play. Video Pilot was also much less sophisticated than those we see now but the excitement factor was there even then. We are thus basically the casino players who love the excitement and entertainment gambling games can actually provide. After playing quite frequently from the start, and after seeing how the online casinos have evolved and changed with technology, we started a few years ago to discuss whether we should build a platform for casino games from a player’s perspective. The idea of ​​the Casino Candy was (and still is) then put the player in mind and by negotiating with various casinos to offer the absolute best casino offers that the market could offer to the players. We felt that we had the wide knowledge and great experience in the casino industry would be required to build such a platform, from a player’s perspective and that we wanted to take advantage of. The result after many discussions and much work

Can you make money playing casino online?

We have always been careful to point out that you should always be very careful to believe that you can “make money” by playing games based on pure chance. What you should keep in mind is that the bank (or the casino) will always have the upper hand over you. When it comes to online casino games that have the “Bank” or the casino about 3-4% advantage against the player, which therefore means you will on average lose about 35 per played 1000 SEK. But as you probably know, the outcomes are very varied, and one day you can lose even more, and the next day to win more. It is impossible to predict how the so-called random number generators in casino games will to act (and it is well to be honest this is what makes it so exciting). To believe that we will be able to support themselves in casino gambling is not one to recommend! We believe and have always believed that one should see gambling as entertainment and a source of relaxation and excitement in everyday life. What we also want to add is that they actually have greater chances of winning by playing with a casino bonus or free spins. We explain more about this in our casino guide.

Which casinos are the best for me as a beginner?

This is difficult to answer but of course we have a few favorites. Some of these are Pickled Casino, Best Casino, Cherry Casino, Play Grand Casino, Betsson ComeOn! and Guts. All these kasions is very simple, good and thoughtful pages, a fast and good customer service, and really great deals that come often. However, there are many more. The online casinos we recommend in our bonus list is all tested by us personally and we have no objections to these. If you, however, would could have complaints or been badly treated by one of the casinos we are working with, we want to hear from you to us so we will deal with it immediately! We focus on quality over quantity and there are actually a number of casinos we have chosen not to work with. This may be due to long payment periods, inadequate support or bonus terms and conditions that we can not endorse. Everything to keep the player is in focus with us. We would also add that if you are new to casino players, and may feel unsure whether you wish to deposit real money right away, you can always start with casino no deposit required or free bonuses and free spins no deposit in Swedish. We have a lot of things in our bonus list so please have a look at this.

It is not difficult to win with a bonus that there is so much to translate?

It is much to be wagered when playing with a casino bonus and there’s not always easy to succeed. However, as we ourselves have played very many welcome bonuses at various casinos, and even though it can sometimes go a few times in between that we have won so we can honestly say that we periodically also has won quite a lot of money. Sometimes you can be lucky with it and win quite often and even if you have to play quite a lot before you can make a withdrawal (usually about deposit amount + bonus amount x 30) this can sometimes actually be an advantage when one has luck on his side .

How much to bet when playing slots?

This is a really interesting question! To begin with, you could say that it is kind of a matter of taste, depending on what type of player you are. If you are more careful then you have more chance to win more often, but when you win you win a little less. Anyone who dares to spend a bit more likely to win a little more often, but when you do win, it can become much larger payouts. However, what is interesting is what is a reasonable level to bet / spin when playing with a casino bonus. In our experience, we would probably say that about one hundredth part of what you play with can be a sensible level. Thus, if you play with, for example SEK 1,000 (you may have deposited $ 500 and received a bonus of 100%) as would a reasonable level of effort / spin thus be 1000/100 = 10 SEK. However, this is of course only an approximate figure. The level of effort should be according to us also adjusted depending on how many lines the slot machine you play on also. A slot with for example, only 9 bet lines is more difficult to win and therefore the insert to be slightly lower when playing with fewer lines (perhaps about half). But if you think that playing on a machine with 20 bet lines which is perhaps the most common, it is 10 SEK / spin is good level if you have 1000 kr to play with.