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Welcome to Casinogodis! Our goal is for you to feel at home!

There are many big words out there such as best casino bonuses, biggest bonuses, most free spins and best deals. And why should Casinogodis.se be an exception to this? Obviously this is a reasonable question but stay with us for a while and let us explain why we actually is the exception that proves the rule.

We love online casino and video slots!

Casinogodis is founded by and is operated by the commitment, passion, desire, and not least experience! After more than 10 years of experience in the online casino industry, we dare say that we know online casino, we live casino, yes we even breathe casino. We love to play online casinos and we especially love casino slots! With a huge experience as players on online casinos since 2002, we know what is good and not and we are more than happy to share our experiences. If you are a new player or just have questions about casino online, do not hesitate to ask us (see contact form below)! We are more than happy to answer any questions.

As our visitors are players it is only right that we ourselves have a players perspective and this has been the most important thing for us and a guiding principle when we developed our service Casinogodis.se. With us, the player is always in focus when we along with casinos try to bring out the best and most exclusive offers available. We always put the player’s interests first, and thus guarantees that the value and the conditions for you as a player always is the best possible! We can proudly say that we have the largest and most qualitative bonus list of carefully selected casinos provide game manufacturer, Net Entertainment (You can read more about NetEnt our casino guide). Our bonus list has something for everyone! If you are a beginner and want to try online casino on a smaller scale at first? Then there are the casino bonuses that are ideal where there is sufficient as little as 10 euros to get up to 50 euros to play with.

What can Casinogodis offer you in terms of great casino bonuses?

If you are the player who wants to bet big at the casino and win big, but you think you already played the best casino offers available? Think again and visit our bonus list where we have lots of casino offers you probably never even knew existed! We can almost promise that we have a big bonus for you that you have not yet played! No matter what type of player you may be, we guarantee that you will find an offer that suits you. Stop looking for other bonus lists because ours is the only one you will need from now on! Bookmark the bonus list and you stay constantly updated about the newest casinos, best casino games and the best bonuses / casino offers.
If you want to play completely for free we have much of no deposit required offers! We enlists lots of casinos that offer free spins with no deposit and sometimes even free money to play with (eg, 50 kr free or $ 100 free). These deals are usually called no deposit offers.

We also provide information on the revenue requirements of each casino bonus, which is the minimum deposit and any bonus codes for each casino offer! We always read the terms of the bonuses we market. We are even so sure that our bonus list is best that we challenge you to find one that is better, you will have to look long and probably in vain but if you against our expectation would find a better bonus list (for NetEnt casinos) we promise you something nice! Please contact us if you think you have found a winner. :)
We have been using our extensive experience of playing on hundreds of online casinos to set up a casino guide for those who are curious to start playing the casino or just feel a little rusty and need to refresh your memory or maybe just want to broaden your knowledge base a bit. It includes everything you need to know to quickly and safely get started with your gaming and even practical things, such as what to do when you make a withdrawal or how to use an e-wallet instead of your credit card. You find the casino guide here.

Casinogodis cares about you as a online casino player!

What about security at online casinos, a question that many people ask themselves when they for the first time want to take the leap and start playing online. Is it safe to play ?, will I get paid when I win ? These questions are of course completely justified. We can honestly say that we have been testing all casinos that we enlist on our site! We ALWAYS review casinos and their casino bonuses and its terms conditions and things as customer service, deposits / withdrawals, functionality etc.

A trained eye will have noticed that some casinos are missing in our bonus list and this is absolutely no coincidence. We have made decisions that some casinos do not live up to the very high standard standard that we think that a casino should have. You could of course have missed enlisting a casino though (do you know some casino that you think should be included on our site please contact us!). We always put the players first and we rather cancel a partnership with a casino than accept poor terms for our players! We want our visitors to feel safe when they choose a casino / offer here at casinogodis.se and this remains the most important thing for us! We NEVER recommend  casinos that we ourselves wouldn’t play at and which are not of the standard we know that players need and deserve!

Please help us to get better!

With such a large range, and such a great variety that we provide on Casinogodis it’s possible that errors could occur and this is of course inevitable. Our ambition though is to always be one hundred percent correct. If you still would encounter an error, please inform us about this (see contact form below). It is therefore good that you check that the casino offer of us really consistent with what is stated on the casino’s website so everyone stays happy. It is always good to review the terms before playing a casino bonus as these can vary between casinos and updated periodically.

Now we hope that you really enjoy your stay with us at Casinogodis.se and of course we hope that you will be hitting a real big win at your favorite video slot machine today! Maybe it’s time for you to win the jackpot!? Maximize your chances to win at casino games here at Casinogodis! A little extra money never hurts! If you have comments or suggestions, never hesitate to contact us, we are always striving to get better and have absolutely nothing against getting both criticism and praise! All questions are welcome! Are you, for example, unsure of how you can play mobile casino or would you like us to clarify how the bonuses or free spins works. Never be afraid to ask! We want you to feel at home with us at casinogodis.se!

Finally, remember that it should always remain fun to play and that you should never play for more than you can afford to lose! Do you feel that you have a problem with gambling? There is help, please contact us and we will help you to get in touch with the right people.

A warm welcome to Casinogodis!


Unsure about something? Do you have suggestions on how we can be better? Problems with a casino? Whatever the case, you can always contact us! We have over 10 years of experience in the most in the online casino and help you for free! We will respond within 12 hours. Welcome!

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